Privacy Policy

Ali Art Studio believes in the protection of the Client’s and the Artist’s information. Hence, to learn more about our policies just acquaint yourself with us. Also, visualise how Ali Art operates. You are strictly advised to read the segment below.

Ali Art’s privacy policy highlights how the studio collects data and also discloses it. Furthermore, it also tackles the issue of protection personal information of the Artist. All information is only kept logged as long as Ali Art studio and the Artist are in a legal contract with each other.

At all times, all users are granted absolute anonymity. Furthermore can only be traced and tracked if the user is logged onto the site with their respective account.

Ali Art Studio includes services which might entail the reproduction of a particular Artwork. This is in compliance with the Copyright Ordinance 1962 as well as all its applicable amendments.

Ali Art Studio has no control over the content of the images uploaded to the Studio site. The Artist and customers themselves are held accountable. Also if the respectable images do not comply with the federal or state law, it entails copyright violation, pornographic or obscene content.

On some pages, Ali Art permits the input of data with respect to sales and clientele. Therefore for example, if a client wants to have an artwork delivered to another recipient, hence he/she may add the following information on the site’s order portal


Phone number



The return email is used ONLY to reply to the client and is disclosed to any third parties. Furthermore, Ali Art will use the email to update the client periodically about coupon discounts and deals that AliArt Studio has to offer. If a user wants to disable the feature, he/she may do so in their account setting.

Receive our catalogue. Register to Ali Art studio. The information provided is kept personal. The data we generate will be used to identify how we can serve our clients better. However, if any data is shared with third party members at any time or any case we keep a check on the whole event. We analyse the data continuously. This ensures Ali Art provides high-quality online service to its clients.

Our Commitment to Data Security – Privacy Policy

Ali Art Studio ensures, no data is lost as well as shared in the collective process of purchasing Artwork. For that, we have installed the appropriate physical, electronic and also the managerial procedure to safeguard it all. We protect all the information.

How You Can Access or Correct the Information – Privacy Policy

Get hold of all relevant information by reaching out to us at support @ aliartstudio. com



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