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AliArt Studio has been serving as a flourishing platform for art lovers, since 1961. Also, AliArt has introduced many services for it’s customers.  Our main objective is to promote Art and Artists by our unique services. We warmly welcome all art lovers on this platform.

Golden History of AliArt Studio:


Founder: ABDUL WAHEED ZAFAR Fine Artist and Trainer (1938-2004)

Abdul Waheed Zafar was a well-known commercial Fine Artist as well as Trainer. During his lifetime he worked and participated in many exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. Moreover, his passion for Fine Arts is visible in his Artwork.

His specialization was in making portraits and landscapes. His artwork appeared in the mixed medium like; Oil, Water, Poster, Pastel, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil, Glass & Ink Work.


This legend was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1938. His proud parents are Muhammad Afzal and Raheema. The sixth of the eight children & the third youngest sibling in six brothers and two sisters.


Education Life: 

Zafar grew up in Karachi and got his primary education in the heart of the city. From a young age, Zafar was very fond of singing and photography Furthermore he learned the basics of theatrical art. Zafar joined the NCA Lahore after completing his intermediate. As well as he refined and polished his skills of Fine Arts from NCA. Graduation was complete in 1963.


Professional life, 1961 – 2004:

His passion for Fine Arts was brought forth when he took an apprenticeship in the Studio of Ustad Allah Baksh’s in 1961 apprentice and mastered painting and composition with him.  Also, he learned portrait making from Ustad Khalid Mahmood. Ustad Khalid Mahmood was a well-reputed artist at the time. Furthermore, Zafar was very fond of travelling. Hence he also went abroad.,


In 1970, at the age of 32, Zafar went to Germany and participated in several exhibitions with several artists. On the other hand, he also served several clients as a freelance artist. However, after spending a year in Germany, he moved to France where he was commissioned to work on numerous painting. He lived in France for a few months before moving to the UAE in 1973. It was there that he started his own Studio and taught. His love of travelling however induced him to move yet again and he went to Iran in 1975. Zafar was always in love with Iran. Because it was a place he always wanted to visit. During his artistic career as well as during his travels he painted portraits of several notable personalities including the Shah of Iran. 

Married life:

In 1975, Zafar married an Iranian girl. As well as he decided to settle in Iran. However, the Iranian revolution changed it all and he moved back to Pakistan in 1982. There on Elphinstone street in Saddar Area of Karachi he opened another Studio where he taught for six years. In 1991, he begin another studio in Karachi.

He first moved to Karachi. There, he opened a studio at Saddar Elphinstone Street in 1982. After five years, he moved to Lahore in 1987. There he lived & worked for four years. However, later he returned back to Karachi. In 1991, he opened a studio at Zaib-un-Nisa Street. Also, the studio was initially named as Zafar Art studio. He also started another studio in 1999. AWZ passed away peacefully in 2004.

Notable work(s): Portrait of:

  • Quaid-e-Azam (founder of Pakistan)
  • Liaquat Ali Khan
  • Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  • Shah Iran
  • General Zia-ul-Haq
  • Guljee
  • Shaikh Fahd bin Abdul Aziz his family
  • Shaikh Zaid bin sultan and his family
  • Landscape
  • Taj Mahal of India
  • Different Pakistani rural paintings


Personal Life:

This artist met his wife in his beloved homeland Iran. With her, he had four daughters and a son. Zafar was a chain smoker which cost him his life. As a result, he was diagnosed with cancer and lost the battle of life in 2004. Zafar’s Studio, known as Zafar Art Studio, was passed on to his only son, Muhammad Ali Zafar. However, the name was later changed to AliArt Studio. Additionally, Muhammad Ali Zafar now trains passionate people for Fine Art. Art circulates in blood of this family. Now, he serves art lovers with dedication


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