Money Back Guarantee


Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee & Return Policy

In the event that any order is cancelled, AliArt ensures (Money Back Guarantee ) that the buyer shall be reimbursed the whole fee that he/she has paid for the service.



For the return of any Artwork, you can notify AliArt within 14 days of arrival. The original price paid will be reimbursed.


In the event that your artwork has not been shipped and you want to discontinue the service, you can reach out to AliArt at your earliest convenience. A full refund will be provided.

Damaged Items:

In the event that your Artwork is damaged during travel, AliArt will replace your product with a fresh piece. AliArt requires verification of damage, which you can do by reaching out to us and providing photograph(s) of the damage.


Note: AliArt reserves the right to deny returns from customers with excessive return history.




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