Money Back Guarantee

We provide full money back guarantee. Also Ali Art has return policy for its customers. Furthermore, all our policies require a full verification. The policies and conditions are beneficial for the art lovers. Visit our web-page. Avail all the benefits, planned for you. We are improving our services day by day. Visit us for different services.

Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee & Return Policy:
To cancel your order, Ali Art ensures a money return policy hence we return the whole fee, paid for the service. We respect your decisions. Also you must provide a valid reason for cancellation. Ali Art values your reasons. Repeated cancellation from a particular customer is not accepted. Also Ali Art is not liable to return the money in such conditions.



Furthermore. to return an Artwork, Notify Ali Art within 14 days of arrival. Therefore we reimburse full payment. We will not accept returns after 14 days. Also we will not the amount. Read the condition clearly.


In the event where your artwork is not shipped and you wish to discontinue the service, contact Ali Art as soon as possible. Also we provide a full refund after cancellation.

In case of damaged artwork during shipping, Ali Art will replace your artwork with a new one. But also we require verification of the damage. On the other hand provide us clear photographs of the damage. We will contact you soon after the verification. We will notify you with every step. On the other hand we serve our customers sincerely. We work with full dedication only for you.


Note: Ali Art reserves the right to deny returns from customers with excessive return history. For queries contact our customer service agent. Get answers to all your question.


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