Here are some FAQs for your ease. Go through these FAQs and get all the question answered. We have collected the most generalised queries as FAQs. You ask, we answer. Also for further queries, you can approach us through customer care service.

Yes. Also only the best materials are used to produce your Original Portrait. Top quality is our priority. We provide original hand painted masterpieces.

We offer 50 years of straight colour guarantee which never turns yellow as well as shady. This guarantee applies to the selected orders of the photo to art 

However, due to the custom nature of portraits, we are not able to offer a money back guarantee. On the other hand, if you find something you want us to change. Let us know.

Also, simply follow these steps: Make a colour copy of the area in question. Note down all you want us to fix. Finally return the portrait to our studio. We will correct the noted request. We will send you email copies before return shipping.

All orders usually take between 2-12 weeks to complete. Also it depends on selected medium.

Special Occasions such as Mothers Day, Valentine Day, Christmas, etc require a little more time. We encourage orders around these occasions. Also we complete them as soon as possible. As well as we ship your order within the delivery time.

Our simple automated system keeps you posted on the status of your order. We send you three emails throughout the process.

They are:

  • Your order acceptance mail.
  • A confirmation email about Portrait is completed.
  • E-mail about your shipping of your portrait along with a tracking number.

Keep a regular check on your e-mails.

Firstly visit a local photocopy shop. Also scan your photograph to a high resolution. Clarify your photograph. Finally, email us the high resolution copy.

The quality of your portrait directly results the photo quality. Beautiful portrait do not require a professional photograph. Sometimes casual photographs and unexpected poses give out the best portraits. Freely, give us your not so perfect picture.

Yes, we can. Also we make minor changes to modify the portrait. Therefore, mention the minor changes in the comment section. For example, “remove the boat from the background.  Also change the background. Or change the hair style or colour “.

Yes, we paint a beautiful hand painted portrait from old black and white or sepia toned photograph. Any obvious damage and/or age blemishes on the photograph will be removed.  We paint flawless portrait.

Yes, we can. Just email us your request. Rates are according to your request.

While painting people and/or animals (pets). Each is considered as a Subject. For example, a couple with 2 dogs are a total of 4 subjects. Also if they were standing in front of their home. Hence their home is not added as a subject because (it is part of the background).

Example, if you demand a portrait of your antique car along with you. Also this is considered as 2 subjects (The car and you). Don’t worry, if you are not sure just use our best judgement. E-mail us. And also Ali Art is glad to assist you.

Realism portrait:

A Realism Portrait looks almost similar to the actual photograph.


On the other hand, impressionism, is a painting process which gives the overall impression of the photograph, with less details. Also implicate the facial expressions, etc.

A way how stretch your canvas portrait onto the stretcher bars. We use A 3/4″ thick stretcher bar for each portrait. Our Artists paint the background colour of the Portrait larger than the actual “shown” size. So when we stretch the canvas around the stretcher bar, the painting actually goes completely around the side. Finally we staple the canvas to the BACK of the stretcher bar. Also not on the side. This allows you to possibly hang your beautiful Portrait without a frame. Please take a look at our Pricing and Features Section. Further we have attached a sample of Museum Wrapping.

We take special care while inspecting as well as stretching.Also we package each and every portrait very carefully. Finally they are placed in a PVC roll. When carefully wrapped. We safely box them for shipping via FedEx or DHL. Finally, get the best at your door.

Location of our studio: Karachi, Pakistan. We ship regularly around the World. Ali Art is a perfect place for art lovers.

We require 100% payment via Credit Card or Online Deposit. Ali Art appreciates your honesty.

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