Online Auction 

The online auction will begin from 27th December 9 pm PST till 31st January 9 pm PST 2020. Also, genuine bidders are allowed. Do not bid on an Artwork if you wish to back out. It will be unfair to other bidders, hence we won’t be able to honour your bids in any other online auctions.


Online Auction Rules

Rules for bidders:

By bidding in the Online Auction, each bidder agrees to these auction rules.

  1. To bid for an artwork, simply comment bid in the dollar along with appropriate WhatsApp or contact number (with country code).
  2. Privacy of your provided contact number is guaranteed, it will not be visible to any other bidders.
  3. Bidders are strictly advised to comment on our official website post… Comments on Facebook will not be counted.
  4. Each subsequent bid must follow the minimum increment as listed in the “Artwork Description”. Any bids not adhering to this format are invalid and void.
  5. The opening bid on each Artwork must be at least the minimum bid as listed in “Artwork Description”.
    On the other hand, Ali Art reserves strict right to block fake bidders from the website permanently.
  6. You are allowed to bid on any artwork until closing time and date as listed and also official time will be based on Pakistan Standard Time.
  7. Bidder will be approached by artist via What’s-app/Phone Call or Email once the bid is finalised.
  8. Irrelevant comments are not allowed, only comment the bidding amount otherwise we preserve the right to block you.
  9. Payment for Artworks will be made through Western Union.
  10. Credit card payment is allowed, but terms & conditionsapplied.
  11. Artist will e-mail the digital artwork to the bidders directly.
  12. Artwork will be shipped once the transaction is completed, therefore payment first.
  13. For shipment rate kindly check DHL, Skynet or FedEx Website.

Rules for Artists:

Ali Art preserves the right to add or withdraw Artworks that too without notice, to or from the Online Auction.

  1. The Starting bid must be mentioned by Artist himself in a comment, on their page.
  2. The minimum bid must be mentioned clearly in the Artwork description.
  3. Invite your friends and family, add them to our Facebook group so they can easily bid and buy your artwork (if interested).
  4. Keep a check on the website to see where you stand on your bid.
  5. Pack the artwork in PVC pipe. if digital artwork than e-mail the digital artwork to the final bidder directly.
  6. Dismantle canvas artworks properly from the wooden structure and also roll them in a PVC pipe.
  7. Artists will receive payment through western union or direct bank transfer.
  8. Artists will contact the bidder via Phone Call, email or WhatsApp after the bid is finalised.
  9. Artist can choose their representative to communicate with the bidders otherwise they can hire official paid agents from Ali Art.
  10. The agent charges are 10% of the finalised amount of the bid, so to hire agents, contact Ali Art.



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